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Universal Surface Gauge has many desirable features and is designed for wide range of uses, which are supplied in four sizes. The base is made from case hardened steel, ground on bottom and at one end. The Fine adjustment feature makes it possible to obtain quick and accurate settings. This adjustment is made by a knurled thumbscrew, which is located at the end of the rocker. The rocker runs the 2/3 the length of the base and pivots against a stiff spring located at the rear end of the base


                                    KM – 900            KM – 901            KM – 902            KM – 903
HEIGHT                           185 mm              300 mm              450 mm              600 mm
LENGTH                            55 mm                80 mm              100 mm              110 mm
WIDTH                           45 mm             65 mm            85 mm           90 mm

Additional pillar of 4”, 9”, 12”, and 18” can be supplied
on demand to respective cat nos


These very heavy and robust stands are used whenever the highest measuring accuracy and an optimum rigidity is demanded. The extremely sturdy columns with the rigid base guarantee highest rigidity. This ensures simple and rapid setting of the stand and clamps and scriber in any position even at moderate tightening. A fine adjustment device allows rapid and easy setting at desired size. Suitable for pattern making.

                                         KM - 904                       KM – 905
LENGTH OF BASE               130 mm                     160 mm
WIDTH OF BASE                   105 mm                     130 mm
HEIGHT OF BASE                   35 mm                        40 mm
RIGID COLUMN                     600 mm                    1000 mm
DIAMETER OF COLUMN          22 mm                        25 mm


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